Trusted and Thorough Copyright Search

Our vast database and analytics experts run a thorough research on your copyright claims before you go through the trouble of officially registering it. This includes branding elements like logo, marketing strategies, mascot, brand name, etc.

Regions, Counties & Districts Search

  • UK region
  • Search of pending and already registered UK copyrights
  • All across UK's regions, counties, districts and other copyright directories
  • E-mail Delivery
  • We will email you the copyrights search report in a PDF file so you can easily read, save or share it with others

Popular Comprehensive Search

  • Includes everything as stated by the IPO and BCC
  • Corporate name search
  • We run a search for all corporate and other business entity names
  • Corporate Directories
  • We search the corporate directories for listing of others who might be using your name
  • Common law
  • Proprietary internet searches reveal the use of your name that may be protected by common law copyrights
  • Domain names
  • We search the most common top level domain names to see if anyone is using your name online

Global Search

  • Includes the information from the BCC, Common Law Search, and also includes
  • Global search
  • Search of pending and registered International Copyrights including: United Kingdom, Canada, European Community, Germany, and World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).

Comprehensive Copyright Search

Our comprehensive copyrights search plan includes a thorough research analytical insights on your copyright claims. We search on all the Regions, Counties and Districts in UK and on a global level to find out any existing or pending registrations to make sure that you won’t be running in any trouble even in future with other claiming businesses. Moreover, a copyright search before actually registering for it would help our clients a lot of money and time that you might end up spending on creating something that turns out to be copyrighted by someone else.

This plan is suitable for startups and small-scale businesses as well as individuals to actually claim and protect their work before spending millions into creating it.

Benefits of Copyright

Whether you are going for copyright registration or trademark registration, Copyrights Protection Bureau affirms this to be equally benefiting for you brand and for your business. Secure the rights of your work to your originality with long-term benefits that come with legal registration including:

Certified Legal

Public Record of Ownership

Unique Brand Identification


Claim and protect your work

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How Our Copyright Process Works

We have simplified the registration process for our clients all around the globe to make it fast, secure and reliable. We take our work seriously and hence we do not miss out on any details and legalities to maintain a 100% satisfaction ratio with our clients.

Getting to Know You

We get the general necessities out of the way by letting you fill out a simple questionnaire consisting of important details about your copyright claims to get the registration process initiated. The average time of completing the questionnaire is 7 minutes.

Getting Started

After the initial formalities, we get straight ahead to process your registration as soon as possible. In this stage, we conduct a quick research on your copyright claims to see if they can be registered without any legal or creative issues.

Getting You Registered

It is as simple as that. In this stage, we take care of filling out all your applications and send you a compiled form for final confirmation. We take care of all the legalities required for IPO throughout the deliverance of your certificate.

Getting Your E-Files

Congratulations! This marks the end of our successful and smooth journey of getting your copyrights. You will be receiving your online certification and legal proof of your copyright claims. We will send you the final files to mark your authenticity.

Claim and protect your work

Before someone else does

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What Our Clients Says

Helen R. Abernathy Freelance Artist.

“As a struggling artist, it is often hard to get the recognition you deserve. But Copyrights Protection Bureau copyrighted my artwork in a hassle free and reliable way.”

Vivienne C. Perry, Marketing Manager.

“Their services are impeccable and their staff is well-trained. I always go to Copyrights Protection Bureau for my registration processes.”

Eva P. Garcia, Drafter.

“I’ve always trusted Copyrights Protection Bureau for all my legal registration and office action responses. They make it seem so easy.”

Jordan Blunt,Entrepreneur.

“They’ve helped me in protecting my brand throughout these years. I’m truly thankful to Copyrights Protection Bureau.”

Lois C., Brand Manager.

“My writer friend recommended me Copyrights Protection Bureau, he has been their long-term client and I couldn’t appreciate more how much they’ve done for my business protection.”

Wayne Hill, Dressmaker.

“Experienced professionals, fast service and reliable certifications. Overall a great experience. Thank you CPB.”

Glen M., Freelance Photographer.

“They did not only help me copyright my original photographs but they also helped me throughout the extension applications and other office actions. Truly appreciate their sincerity.”

Louisa Mendenhall, Costume Designer.

“Couldn’t praise them more for their overall professionalism and authenticity. Great work, CPB team.”

Michael J. Welch, Lithographer.

“They have helped save a lot of time and money by making certification process digital and fast. What they’re doing is helping a lot of industries and I’m glad to recommend them to anyone in need.”